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SE Cachers boat trips

Local trips are usually downstream to Thames Ditton via Shepperton, Walton, Sunbury, Molesey and Hampton Court, or upstream to Old Windsor via Laleham, Staines and Runnymede, with lunch at a pub. Arrive around 09:50 for 10:00 departure. We get back to Chertsey around 17:30.

London trips are involve an early start from Teddington Lock, times vary with the tides and you will be given details at the time. There is no stopping once we are through Teddington Lock, so bring your own food.

Lifejackets are strongly advised for the London trips, I have 6 but in adult sizes only (adjust down to teens but not smaller).

If you have shoes with light coloured soles that's good, but if not, it's not a problem.


We leave from W.Bates Marina, Chertsey; see the map on the right. From the Sunbury direction, turn sharp left immediately after crossing Chertsey Bridge; from the Chertsey direction turn right just before the bridge - the road is almost on the slope of the bridge.

The works shown on the map are now replaced by apartment blocks. Drive to the end of the road and the gates to the marina are in front of you. They will be open by the time you arrive, if not call me on my mobile. Go to the end of the road inside the marina and park either side where I have drawn the green marks on the map. If it is a sunny day, this parking may be full, in which case park outside, just to he left of the gates as you approach. It is marked private, but that means private for the use of marina visitors so you're OK to park there. Continue on foot on the path round the back of the marina to where Amberel is moored. The red spot on the map is where she used to be moored, but she was under a tree and has now moved a bit further along on the same side. 

Note there is no vehicular access from the Mead Lane side, though there is a footpath through (marked in heavy black on the map).